Information on the Pennsylvania Department of Health Knowledge Center™ Health Incident Management System (KC-HIMS) contains material non-public information that is confidential and NOT subject to disclosure under federal or state law. KC-HIMS is intended for use by authorized persons only for authorized purposes. Any unauthorized use or disclosure of KC-HIMS information is strictly prohibited. The Commonwealth reserves the right to exercise all available remedies under the law in the event of any unauthorized use or disclosure.

As an authorized user of KC-HIMS, I understand and agree that I will have access to material non-public information that requires me to safeguard its confidentiality. As such:

  • I shall hold all KC-HIMS information in the strictest of confidence. I understand and agree that my authorized access to KC-HIMS is non-transferable and that I will NOT provide my user name, password, or other access information to anyone and I will NOT copy or establish or permit any link to its content.
  • I shall use KC-HIMS information only for authorized purposes in the official performance of my duties.
  • I shall not disclose any KC-HIMS information either directly or indirectly to any unauthorized person for any purpose. I understand that I may communicate KC-HIMS information as necessary to individuals within my organization who need-to-know for incident response or planning. I further agree to notify these individuals that my disclosure is subject to this non-disclosure agreement and that any unauthorized use or disclosure is strictly prohibited.
  • I shall NOT use KC-HIMS for any personal purposes.

    I understand and agree that my commitment to keeping confidential any and all information which I have now or will have in the future as a result of my access to KC-HIMS continues after my participation as an authorized user ends. By clicking “I Agree” below or by using KC-HIMS, I consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and intend to be legally bound hereby.